Foundation Course For HSPs: Energy Mastery

This is a special course on energy mastery for sensitive people.

It is a 30 module course divided into 3 sections:

  • the biology of energy
  • social energy
  • energy skills

Energy mastery is much more than self-protection through the visualization of protective energy. It is important to understand the biology behind energy challenges especially difficult stuck energy so that you can be compassionate with yourself as you try to release old energy patterns.

Energy patterns are not just biological. They are also social. The course takes a look at various ways that social structures can create energy problems for you and helps you start to consider new choices.

Lastly, the course explores a variety of energy techniques to help you manage your energy and interactions so that your have more control over your own life.

Like all of the Sensitive Evolution courses, this course combines information, perspective and techniques to help you become more empowered in handling your energy and energy challenges.

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